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Evoke Urban S

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The Evoke Urban S

Evoke Urban S





The ability to simplify stems from perfection. Perfection is achieved not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away. Take away your carbon footprint, complexity and risk, and what you’re left with is Evoke’s flagship smart electric motorcycle, the Urban S.

Evoke’s Urban S is a European-style, zero emission electric motorcycle. Boasting 200 kilometers of range and impressive acceleration, it is the ideal smart motorcycle to navigate urban settings. It is the first electric motorcycle with precision braking, with both front and rear brakes on the handlebar, tech-enabled accessories, such as built-in navigation, and a clutchless design making it the perfect vehicle for cityscapes and countryside rides alike.

5’’ Display


The Urban S allows for seamless wireless connectivity with your smart device. With built-in navigation, never doubt where you’re going.

Zero Shift


86lbs/ft of torque redefines acceleration for riders new and old. The Urban S is the first electric motorcycle truly designed for new riders. No training needed.

Li-Ion Battery


Patented battery design gives the Urban S a city range of 200km on a single charge. Our regenerative braking system is specifically designed for the urban environment.

100% Green


With a fully electric powertrain, the Urban S reduces CO2 emissions by over 90%. The Evoke HomeCharge kit lets you charge at your convenience.

DC High Current Controller


The DC high current controller provides a smooth, linear throttle response so you can enjoy the exact amount of power you asked for when you need it.

Duel Mode Charging


J1772 standard charging adaptor + home adapter, has maximum flexibility when it comes to charging your Urban S in under 4 hours.

Samsung SDi Battery Cells


Using high quality Samsung SDi 18650 battery cells, your Urban S can go without charging for 200km.

High Powered Hub Motor


With a direct drive hub motor that boasts 19kW peak power, you'll enjoy a powerful motor without the complexity of internal combustion.

Precision Braking


The Evoke Urban S has its rear brake control on the handlebars – not as a foot brake. Precision Braking gives the experienced rider more control, while the new rider can learn in under ten minutes.

Bespoke Steel Frame


The steel frame used provides high quality welds and tough chromoly tubing which adds to your riding experience.

Adjustable Suspension


You can adjust the suspension settings front and rear on your Urban S so you dial in no matter what quality the road.

Regenerative Braking


With a controller than supports regenerative braking, you can extend your range just by slowing down. A masterpiece in efficiency.

Ultra Durable Seats


A more environmentally friendly seat that will last longer than conventional leather.

Foxconn Assembled


Manufactured at the Foxconn facility assembling to US DOT and European CE standards.

LED Lighting


By using high efficiency, energy saving LED lighting, you can spend more time riding and less time charging.

Tubeless Tires


The Urban S comes with high grip tires standard so you'll know you will be connected to the road in any occasion.


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